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Discover business and partnership opportunities with the world’s largest TEFL certification training providers for teaching English abroad. iTTi trains over 15,000 English teachers each year and provides internationally certified TEFL/TESOL certification courses online and in over 55 locations around the world. All of our classes meet or surpass worldwide TEFL course requirements.

Due in large part to the extensive network we have built up over the years, our TEFL/TESOL Licensing Business Program has been quite successful. Our growing collaboration with EFL-training providers and recruiters in many cities around the world is a huge benefit to our graduates.

As a result, we’re passionate on forming fruitful alliances with businesses over the Philippines. Whether you offer language training, work in the hospitality industry, or conduct local or international commerce, we would be delighted to discuss collaborating with you. The market for TEFL educators and their services is enormous and rapidly expanding around the world.


There are several benefits to becoming a licensed iTTi partner. Some of these benefits include:

  • Established brand: When you become an iTTi Exclusive City Licensee, you are buying into an established brand that already has a strong reputation and customer base in the field of TEFL/TESOL. This can help to increase the chances of success for your business.
  • Proven business model: Your license to operate an iTTi center in your city typically comes with a proven business model that has been successful in the past 35 years. This means that you can follow a tried-and-true path to success, rather than trying to figure out everything on your own.
  • Exclusive access to training materials: As a licensee, you will have access to our courses which are accredited by the most reputable TEFL organizations. In an industry flooded with unreliable course providers, this is a huge selling point. Online and on-site courses both benefit from having all course materials distributed in an exclusive standardized online format, which streamlines the grading and administration processes.
  • Training and support: An iTTi license comes with extensive training and support to help you get your business up and running. This includes marketing assistance, technical support, and access to a network of other licensees who can offer advice and support.

Ensuring your long-term success is our goal and you can count on our commitment to a successful partnership with you.

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