Evaluating a participant’s academic or skill level to determine the most suitable course that will further his/her abilities and pave the way for success.

iTTi English Placement Test

Welcome to the iTTi English Placement test.

The iTTi English Placement Test serves the purpose of evaluating a participant’s academic or skill level. This assessment assists in determining the most suitable class/course that will further enhance your abilities and pave the way for the success of both yourself and the institution you belong to.

You will be given 10 minutes to read the following. The allotted time will not be part of the actual test proper.

iTTi opearates under a strict honor code.

At ITTI, we uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical conduct. We expect all individuals taking our English Placement Tests to adhere to this code without exception. This means completing assessments with your own knowledge and abilities, refraining from unauthorized assistance, and utilizing only permitted resources. Our commitment to this honor code ensures a fair and trustworthy evaluation process, fostering an environment where integrity, learning, and personal growth thrive.

Test Description:

The total duration of the entire test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. It is divided into multiple sections, including:

  • Listening (6 Items)
  • Reading Comprehension (10 Items)
  • Written Expression  (2 Items)
  • Grammar (50 Items)
  • Vocabulary (20 Items)
  • Speaking Evaluation (2 Items)

All six (6) sections are administered on the same day, with no breaks in between them, streamlining the testing experience.


  1. Test Environment: Ensure you are in a quiet and distraction-free environment. Disable your cellphone or any other electronic devices during the test.
  2. No Browsing: Do not use Google or any web browser to search for answers, and do not access external sources of information.
  3. No External Apps: Do not use grammar correction apps, translation tools, or any other software that could provide answers or assistance during the test.
  4. No Communication: Maintain silence throughout the test. Do not communicate with fellow test-takers, whether through spoken words or written messages.
  5. No Sharing: Sharing questions, answers, or any information related to the test, whether during or after the test, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Honesty: Uphold the principles of honesty and integrity. Your test performance should reflect your own knowledge and abilities.
  7. Timely Submission: All participants shall begin taking the test at the same time. Complete the test within the allotted time. Late submissions may not be accepted.
  8. Follow Instructions: Read and follow all test instructions carefully. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in consequences as per the test policy.

Remember that taking the test with integrity ensures a fair and accurate assessment of your abilities and knowledge.

What to do if you get disconnected:

  1. Open a new browser tab and paste the iTTi Placement Test page url.
  2. Click the ‘Start Part 1 of the Placement Test’ button. This will bring you to the credentials page.
  3. Type in the same credentials you provided previously.
  4. Once you are in the test page, continue from where you last left off.

iTTi English Placement Test - Part 1

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