with Teaching Practicum and 50-Hour Specialization

The iTTi 120-Hour TEFL-TESOL Certification is a rigorous in-class certification program that can be completed in just four weeks. It features a high-quality teaching practicum with real EFL students.

Daily study sessions are incorporated into the training program, wherein trainees acquire teaching methodology, classroom management techniques, accent reduction strategies, and engaging grammar lessons. The majority of the time is devoted to English as a Foreign Language (EFL) class preparation, instruction, and assessment. For the teaching practicum, students engage with visitors or immigrants to an English-speaking country or with locals in non-English-speaking areas of the world. 

Included free is a choice of one (1) 50-Hour Specialization Course:

  • How To Teach TOEFL/IELTS
  • How To Teach Young Learners
  • How To Teach Business English

This TEFL-TESOL course is ideal for persons with prior teaching experience or those with no background in education who wish to become English language teachers. The TEFL review benefits in-service EFL teachers by bringing their teaching abilities up to date. Beginner EFL teachers steadily acquire new abilities, get ample opportunity to use them in the classroom, and receive prompt feedback from their TEFL trainer.

The course includes comprehensive career support services, such as resume/CV and cover letter preparation, school lists and recruiter referrals, and genuine TEFL job leads as they are submitted to the school.

120 Hour TEFL Certification Badge issued to graduates



The balance of $500 is due before the first day of class.

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The course features three short sessions during which the TEFL course participants learn a little of an unknown language. This will help them to become familiar with the following:

  1. How to start a lesson when nobody speaks each other’s language.
  2. Understand what their prospective EFL students feel when they start learning English.
  3. Practice another method they can use when teaching difficult language. This method will help their students to better understand the concept.

TEFL students learn particulars of organizing a classroom, teacher-student rapport development, maintaining discipline in class, techniques to turning around an unruly class and creating a high-energy class.

TEFL course participants learn techniques to test the fluency level of their EFL students. The test results help them write a student evaluation in which they suggest to their practice students ways to improve their proficiency in the various areas of English.

While reviewing English grammar, the TEFL course participants observe sample grammar classes that later on help them prepare interesting grammar classes for their own EFL students.

Starting with a journey throughout centuries of language teaching till the present time, our TEFL course students will familiarize themselves with the beginnings of teaching languages. They learn how to gradually help their own students to develop language skills and how to effectively teach grammar and vocabulary. Most importantly, they will learn how to structure their individual classes, so they lead their students to recognizing their actual progress. Our TEFL graduates will also be familiar with assessment strategies and the different benchmark systems in the world.

Students learn about the areas of accent reduction such as word and sentence stress, intonation, sound linking and joining as well as the individual sounds. Our TEFL graduates will be able to design interesting phonology classes that will make their EFL students want to come back to class and proudly showcase their skills in the area of English phonology.

By the end of the TEFL program, course participants will be thoroughly familiar with the elements in a lesson plan, the different sequences when planning skill development or vocabulary/grammar segments. They will be able to design lesson plans that have students successfully learn the focus of the lessons. Our course emphasizes the design of classes. It is here where the true skills of a teacher come alive. An excellent lesson plan is, most often, a prerequisite to getting hired at schools.

In order to help our TEFL trainees to quickly acquire indispensable teaching knowledge, they have to observe and evaluate the classes of their peers. Learning by observing other teachers will ultimately help them to critically look at their own classes.

During their teaching practice, TEFL students have to create their own materials (worksheets, pictures, flash cards, power point presentations) for their classes. They will learn to help themselves in situations when resources are scarce. Such situations could potentially occur when teaching in Africa, in poor Asian countries or in remote locations in South America.

Trainees complete:

  • 3 hours of observing experienced teachers
  • 1 hour observing professionally developed video
  • 12 hours of peer observation
  • 1 hours of shared teaching practice
  • 6 hours of individual teaching practice
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What You Will Learn at iTTi
  • Understand the qualities that make great teachers.
  • Gain knowledge about past and current EFL teaching methodologies.
  • Know how to effectively organize and manage an English class.
  • Create high-energy classes every day.
  • Acquire know-how of teaching different types of students.
  • Understand what is going on inside your English language learners.
  • Become an expert in language skill development.
  • Turn boring subjects into engaging classes.
  • How to correct errors in speech and writing.
  • Assessment strategies to achieve accuracy and fluency at the same time.
  • Become specialized in teaching young learners.
  • Learn key concepts of teaching business English.

Included in the Standard TESOL
Course tuition, you’ll receive:

120-Hour TESOL Course Manual

(220 pages): This comprehensive, task-based manual provides you with the information you require to become an effective teacher of English and is your best asset to help you while in the
foreign classroom.

120-Hour TESOL Workbook

(106 pages): This is the standard course assignment and activity manual. It is a step-by-step manual that guides you
through the in-class or online study course work

Global Employment Handbook

(20 pages): This complete A-Z “How-To Guide” is your key to finding that perfect overseas job, and it also prepares you for all aspects of living and working overseas

Books included in the120-Hour TEFL Course
Enrollment Requirements for 120-Hour TEFL Course

To enroll in the 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course, you MUST:

  • have an excellent command of both spoken and written English
  • have a high-school diploma as a minimum educational requirement
  • be at least 18 years of age

You need to be at least 18 years old and have excellent written and spoken English skills.

You certainly can! Non-native English speakers must demonstrate English proficiency at or above the C1 level. With proof of further English study, a B2 level of proficiency may be acceptable.

Yes, it is. You have registered or are about to register for the 120-hour in-class program. This is the most effective program for standard teacher training. This course adds value to your resume/CV due to the teaching practicum and project work included in the course. In many countries, this type of course is essential for work visa applications. Of course, you can work under the table; but, you will not receive the perks connected with a work visa, such as health insurance, paid vacation, a year-end bonus, housing assistance, free airfare, and so on. Therefore, why not make the proper investment from the beginning? With this certificate, you will be prepared if the chance to teach ever presents itself.

Each of our course instructors has completed a rigorous New York, United States-based Teacher Trainer program. They are highly educated individuals with years of experience teaching English.

In addition to the TESOL Manual and Workbook, we use materials found in master’s programs at prestigious New York colleges (as an example). We can certainly assert that our graduates are completely comparable to graduates from formal academic institutions.

You will receive evaluations of your teaching performance on each day of the practicum. There are also assessments in methodology, grammar, and phonology that require a score of at least 70. Additionally, your performance as a team member will be evaluated.

We do not provide these courses in an effort to fail students. We conduct them to demonstrate to our graduates that they can achieve great success in their chosen field. You will receive more study time and materials if you fail a test. You must retake the exam one week later.

Please inform us during registration if you wish to receive a hard copy certificate.

Yes, we will. In addition to assisting with resume and cover letter writing, we will provide you with school lists, recruiter information, and actual job leads as they become available to our school. iTTi is an international organization. We operate schools in numerous countries. As a result, we have local connections in a number of countries that might help us find work opportunities.

Yes, it is. You can return at any time if you require support.